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Blocking and Wait Statistics/Bottleneck Analysis Reports


When I tried to run these 2 reports I get an error that 'The database doesn't have necessary data to run the report'. I later discovered that this is due to the fact that the collation set of the server I loaded the sqldiag data on was case sensitive. When I loaded this data onto a server where the server collation set was case insensitive, these reports started working flawlessly.


jackli wrote Feb 16, 2009 at 7:33 PM

thanks for reporting this. I will look into this issue.

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shantanusenin wrote Jul 18, 2011 at 10:45 AM


I am getting error 'The database doesn't have necessary data to run the report' while running Blocking and Wait Statistics/Bottleneck Analysis Reports. I also followed the above solution but still the error is coming. Please tell me where i am missing. I checked the collation in database.

name collation_name
TraceAnalysis Latin1_General_CI_AS

shantanusenin wrote Jul 18, 2011 at 11:11 AM

I also tried the below Sol but the tables below are missing in the database
Unable to view the Blocking and Wait Statistics OR Bottleneck Analysis reports or getting the error “Database doesn't have the necessary data to run this report”.

The data for the above report is based on the SQL Server 2005/2008 Perf Stats script output depending on the version of the SQL instance that you are collecting data from. The file that normally has the data for the above reports to be generated will have the following naming convention: <ServerName>__SQL_2005_Perf_Stats_Startup.OUT or <ServerName>__SQL_2008_Perf_Stats_Startup.OUT. Ensure that this file has collected at least two snapshots of the outputs of the T-SQL queries present in the SQL Server 2005/2008 PerfStats script. The check that is done to report this error is to check if data is present in the following tables in the Nexus database:


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So, three years later?

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