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What is the quickest way to learn this tool?
Go to Getting Started page and follow quick steps there on data collection and using this tool
Can nexus import data collected from multiple instances by pssdiag or sqldiag?
Nexus only import data for one instance at a time for simplicity. If the directory you specify contains data collected for multiple instances, SQL Nexus will detect it. It will present you with a choice on which instances to import. When import for one instance is complete, you can create a new database to import data for another instance into that database. Then you can run reports on those databases.
I received an error, what do I do?
Look at Common Errors page to see if it's there. Next, visit discussions to see if you can find your answers there.
Why Diag Manager at has not been updated for SQL 2012?
We have updated Batch Files to collect data. Therefore the diag manager is not needed

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HotRats Sep 24, 2010 at 6:49 AM 
Readtrace.exe was missing, SQL Nexus' Importer was configured to import the trace files, and SQL Nexus uses readtrace.exe to accomplish that import. Performing the old uninstall-reinstall shuffle should put readtrace.exe back where SQL Nexus expects it to be.

steve67 Apr 11, 2008 at 2:38 PM 
During the import process, I get this error - "The system cannot find the file specified" for the first file shown on the import screen ("*.TRC"). After I click the OK button, I get this message for each file listed on the import screen - "you have provided an illegal table name (likely in your TextRowSetsCustom.xml)".

It should be noted that I get the following message whenever I start up SQL Nexus - "Unable to locate readtrace. Nexus won't be able to load or analyze profile trace data."

I am using version