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Lock Summary

Report Purpose

High number of locks not only are risk of causing blocking but also can cause query to consume more CPU with exact same query plans.

This report give you a overview number of locks being held or waited on by each resource type.  

Data Collection

  1. The data used by this report is collected in file *_Perf_Stats_Startup.OUT.  Example file name:  MyServer_MyInstance_SQL_2014_Perf_Stats_Startup.OUT
  2. The data is identified as “-- Lock summary –“  in the data collection

Technical Details

  1. The top chart aggregates lock counts by resource type over time.  “All” means that it aggregates over all resource type.
  2. The bottom table allows you drill into each database about lock count
  3. Main table used is dbo.tbl_locksummary if you need more granular analysis



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