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Error importing Trace file

Dec 30, 2009 at 8:57 PM

Using SQL Nexus, getting an error import trace file


12/30/09 15:54:45.667 [0X00000214] A serious error condition (true == pVariant->FIsUnknownType()) has been encountered.
    Utility Error: Attempt to use an invalid variant type
    File: .\rpcbinary.cpp
    Line: 296
    Return Address: 0x0044F569
    Function: FConvertBinaryFromRPC


Any ideas?

Jan 4, 2010 at 9:34 AM

This is an error returned by the RML Utilities. What is the version that you are using? You would need to check the version of ReadTrace.exe. If you are using a version lower than the currently available public version, then please upgrade the RML Utilities to the latest version and re-try the import.

Jan 4, 2010 at 2:10 PM

I am using version, which  is the latest version I could find (11/11/2008 is the release date).  If not, could you send me the link to the latest? 



Jan 5, 2010 at 1:10 PM

Can you provide more details from the ReadTrace logs? Are you able to import the Trace File for which the error is being raised using fn_trace_gettable function?

Jan 5, 2010 at 2:11 PM

I'm able to do a select * from fn_trace_gettable(...) with the trace file.

Here is the ReadTrace Log.  I had fiddled with some of the import options and I don't see the first error anymore.  I have enabled -T35 as well.

Thanks so much for your assistance.

01/05/10 09:00:53.686 [0X00000B34] Attempting to cleanup existing RML files from previous execution
01/05/10 09:00:53.686 [0X00000B34] Using extended RowsetFastload synchronization
01/05/10 09:00:53.686 [0X00000B34] Establishing initial database connection:
01/05/10 09:00:53.686 [0X00000B34] Server: ctcdmisql01
01/05/10 09:00:53.686 [0X00000B34] Database: sqlnexus
01/05/10 09:00:53.686 [0X00000B34] Authentication: Windows
01/05/10 09:00:53.842 [0X00000B34] Creating or clearing the performance database
01/05/10 09:00:54.342 [0X00000B34] Processing file: D:\temp\SQLDIAG\SQLDiagOutput\NYCEAPXEDGE3__sp_trace.trc (SQL 2005)
01/05/10 09:00:54.342 [0X00000B34] Validating core events exist
01/05/10 09:00:54.342 [0X00000B34] Validating necessary events exist for analysis
01/05/10 09:00:54.342 [0X00000B34] WARNING: The following trace events were not captured: [SP:StmtStarting, SP:StmtCompleted, Showplan Statistics]. Review the help file to ensure that you have collected the appropriate set of events and columns for your intended analysis.
01/05/10 09:00:54.358 [0X00000B34] ERROR: SPID was detected using Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS).  ReadTrace can only process this set of trace files with -T35 enabled
01/05/10 09:00:54.358 [0X00000B34] ***************************************************************
01/05/10 09:00:54.358 [0X00000B34] WARNING: [SPID: 0] Disabling aggregation operations.
01/05/10 09:00:54.358 [0X00000B34] ***************************************************************
01/05/10 09:00:54.358 [0X00000B34] ERROR: All output types have been disabled, shutting down.
01/05/10 09:00:54.358 [0X00000B34] *** ERROR: Error encountered with operating system error 0x80004005 (Unspecified error) State: 0
01/05/10 09:00:54.358 [0X00000B34] Reads completed - Global Error Status 0xffffffea
01/05/10 09:00:54.358 [0X00000B34] Shutting down the worker thread message queues.
01/05/10 09:00:54.358 [0X00000B34] Waiting for the worker threads to complete final actions.
01/05/10 09:00:54.373 [0X00000B34] Performing general cleanup actions.
01/05/10 09:00:54.373 [0X00000B34] Total Events Processed: 156
01/05/10 09:00:54.373 [0X00000B34]  Total Events Filtered: 0
01/05/10 09:00:54.373 [0X00000B34] Parse errors: 0
01/05/10 09:00:54.373 [0X00000B34] *******************************************************************************
* ReadTrace encountered one or more ERRORS. An error condition typically      *
* stops processing early and the ReadTrace output may be unusable.            *
* Review the log file for details.                                            *
01/05/10 09:00:54.389 [0X00000B34] ***** ReadTrace exit code: -22

Jan 5, 2010 at 8:26 PM

You are running into the issue mentioned in

To request the fix, please email the alias documented in the "Problems and Assistance" section of the RML Help file.