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SQL Profiler TRC Files Import failed

Aug 22, 2016 at 11:53 PM

I have a problem with import *.trc files. The error I get when trying to import the file is as follows:

__[0X00002510] Establishing initial database connection
[0X00002510] Server:
[0X00002510] Database: sqlnexus
[0X00002510] Authentication: SQL
[0X00002510] Unable to connect to the specified server.
[0X00002510] Initial HRESULT: 0x80040154
[0X00002510] No error records found.
[0X00002510] ERROR: Performance analysis failed to initialize. See previous errors and correct the problem before retrying.
[0X00002510] *******************************************************************************
  • ReadTrace encountered one or more ERRORS. An error condition typically *
  • stops processing early and the ReadTrace output may be unusable. *
  • Review the log file for details. *

[0X00002510] ***** ReadTrace exit code: –9__

The trace is generated with SQL Profiler (SQL Server 2012).

I have installed the following software to make it work sqlnexus in a Windows 7 64 bits:
Please, Could anyone help me with this problem?.

Thank you very much and kind regards.)))