Timeout on Perfmon Summary after 30 sec

The sqldiag collected 24 hrs of data on SQL 2008 R2 Imported into sqlnexus on windows 2012 server/sql 2014 Table dbo.CounterData has 715 million rows.( 3 instances on one physical machine...

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startup failed with a "domain approbation failure" message

Hello, After installation of all dependencies, unfortunately I cannot start your wonderful SQL Nexus Tool. "La relation d’approbation entre le domaine principal et le domaine approuvé a échoué." ...

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Problem with SqlNexus

hi, i from colombia and have a problem with sqlnexus ! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzDQ7VwG2c-XTUliVVVudjhLUkU/edit?usp=sharing and this https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzDQ7VwG2c-XMmxtdUE3R...

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SQLNexus is not displaying the reports after import the sql diag data

Hi, I could not see the reports in reports section [i.e left side of the sql nexus tool screen] after importing the sql diag data. I am using SqlNexus4.0.0.64 tool to import the SQL 2008 R2 captu...

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Error promoted in Perfmon Summary

I encountered an error in Perfmon Summary section. After importing the 'output' data, when I entered 'SQL Perf Main--> Perfmon Summary' and then clicked the link 'click here to view more CPU(or Me...

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Top Issues

We are tracking top issues here. Please visit this page before posing https://sqlnexus.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Top%20Issues

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Error in SQL_2008_Perf_Stats_Snapshot_Shutdown.OUT

I try to collect statistcs using PSSDIAG, I have following error in the SQL_2008_Perf_Stats_Snapshot_Shutdown.OUT file   -- top 10 logical reads by query_hash -- Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft SQL Server...

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Error importing BLG on Windows 7 SQL2008

Getting the following error at the stage of importing the BLG. It seems to process it fine but then comes up with the database connection failure:   SQLNexus Information: 0 : BLG Blaster (Perfmon/S...

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StartSQLDiagTrace command file in

Where is StartSQLDiagTrace command file in which is used to start trace and collect data? I could not find it. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

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Timeout error when running the Blocking and Wait Statistics report

I successfully imported all the collected data. I selected a very broad time range from the parameters window and clicked "Ok". After 30 seconds I received this error in the log file:   SQLNexus ...

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