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Collecting data using batch files.

For SQL 2012 and above, please continue to use the batch file below:
  1. Go to Perfstats scripts and download to the SQL Server machine that you want to collect data from. Additionally, these batch files are now part of the download when you download SQL Nexus.
  2. Run StartSQLDiagNoTrace.cmd if you don't want profiler trace, or StartSQLDiagTrace.cmd if you do want to capture a profiler trace. The data will be collected in a subdirectory called SQLDiagOutput
  3. Collect at least 15 minutes of data during a relevant time period. If the server is fairly idle, you won't see anything interesting in the analysis. If you are trying to identify the root cause of a particular performance issue, you must capture data that spans one of the problem incidents. Hit CTRL+C once in the SQLDiag console window to stop data collection
    1. Note: If you call Microsoft support, you may be asked to use a tool called "PSSDiag". SQL Nexus will work with files collected this way, as well.
  4. Transfer all the output file to the computer where you installed SQL Nexus

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