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Impact of Detailed XEvnts Tracing

Extended Events (XEvents) can be used to troubleshoot various issues.  If you server is very active with many users, you should carefully evaluate impact of tracing.  Many events are produced at statement level.  In other words, for each statement, the events will be produced.  If your code generates lots of small statements (examples include cursors, scalar UDF), these events can generate significant overhead with large systems with many users.

Here are a few example events

  • query_pre_execution_showplan
  • query_post_execution_showplan
  • query_post_compilation_showplan
  • lock_acquired
  • sql_statement_starting
  • sql_statement_completed
  • sp_statement_starting
  • sp_statement_completed


sqldiat/pssdiag captures active xevent sessions/events in a filed called “<Your servername>_Profiler Traces_Startup.OUT” so that you can examine for more details.

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