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Profiler Trace Import Fails -- mini-dumps produced

Mar 27, 2008 at 7:26 PM

New to this site. I just posted an item from the Issue Tracker tab but I don't see it. So, I'll note my issue here. When I try to import a profiler trace, after a minute or so, the tool reports that the import failed.

The ReadTrace.log file reports some warnings regarding columns in the profiler trace that are missing and may impact the accuracy of the reports, and then it has this at the end:

03/27/08 11:33:26.662 5188 Possible Security or Utility Error Detected in file .\rpcbinary.cpp at line 396 terminating process. Input Error: RPC Binary column contains incorrect number of parameters.
03/27/08 11:33:26.662 5188 ===> Generating dump file C:\Documents and Settings\EditedOut\Local Settings\Temp\RML\PossibleSecurityProblem.3928.0.mdmp
03/27/08 11:33:26.662 2816 Reads completed - Global Error Status 0xfffffffd
03/27/08 11:33:26.677 2816 Shutting down the worker thread message queues.
03/27/08 11:33:26.677 2816 Waiting for the worker threads to complete final actions.
03/27/08 11:33:26.771 5188 ===> Failed to generate dump file

SQL Server 2005 (9.00.1399.06) Enterprise Edition
Windows 2003 Server, sp1
Sqlnexus.exe file version
ReadTraceNexusImporter.dll fle version
.NET Framework 2.0 with Security Update KB928365

Can anyone help? I'd really like to try this tool out. Thank you.